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Welcome to Packaging Horizons Corporation, the manufacturer of Alert Security Products and tamper evident security bags.

We appreciate your interest in our products and we would like to give you a brief overview of Alert Security Products. Packaging Horizons has been a major force in the design, technical development and manufacturing of tamper evident security bags for over 25 years. Security bags are our only business and we provide the broadest product line in the industry addressing security in a wide variety of applications.

Our mission is very straight forward. We support our customers' success by providing the highest quality, most technologically advanced security bags backed with exceptional customer services.

We stock a complete line of Alert Security Bags that are shipped the same day as ordered. We routinely ship small as well as large orders. (Our minimum order is only 1 case of 250 Alert Security Bags). And we do business the same way that you like to do business: direct telephone customer service, on-line ordering and shipment tracking and our newest mobile site that gives our customers quick access to reordering from any smart phone or tablet.

Are you handling cash or making bank deposits on a routine basis? Our Alert Bank Deposit Bag is ideal for secure bank deposits and armored car transfers. These tamper evident security bags use the time tested Alert Security Seal with maximum security adhesive closure. Any attempt to reopen this security bag results in a clear Alert / Void message that cannot be reversed. These proven Alert Security Bags also have the best available technology for tracking and creating an audit trail. Each Alert Security Bag is sequentially serial numbered – both the bag and the tear off sender receipt – with the corresponding bar code for automated recording. And there?s more. A unique security feature of Alert Security Bags is the Alert Continuous Security roll package which keeps all of the serial numbers in order – and makes the bags easy to store and dispense.

The good news! The single use Alert Security Bag offers financial managers the best available tamper evident security for cash transfers at reduced costs over traditional canvas bags and with ease of use. As an additional service to our customers, we also offer deposit slips in a number of common formats.

Many of our customers are responsible for protecting educational testing materials, legal documents, medical records and other types of sensitive information. Our Alert Confidential Document Security Bag is just what you need. These Alert Security Bags will keep your information private with our tamper evident seal technology and our high opacity three layer composite plastic material.

Looking for a security bag to protect electronic records? Our Alert Antistatic Tamper Evident Security Bags offer outstanding protection for electronic data storage devices (eg computer hard drives) or any device which can be adversely affected by static electrical charges. This product is an excellent solution for chain of custody of electronic evidence.

Do you need to keep evidence or scientific samples secure? Our Alert Evidence & Chain of Custody Security Bag is the perfect solution for police and forensic evidence as a well as scientific sample collection. In addition to our tamper evident Alert Security Seal and sequential bag serial numbering, the Alert Evidence & Chain of Custody Security Bag is designed with tracing prompts that guide the user through the chain of custody process and create the documentation needed to ensure proof of authenticity.

Perhaps you area working in the health care field and you have responsibility for the control and distribution of patients' medications. The Alert Patient's Medicine Security Bag is an invaluable tool for ensuring compliance with medication protocols. These security bags are supplied in the unique Alert Continuous Security roll package and each Alert Security Bag is printed with a write-on-block for recording patient information and the identification of the contents.

Many businesses and institutions are faced with collecting, cataloging and retaining individuals' personal property – hospitals and health care facilities, prisons and jails, police departments, schools, universities and really any facility where individuals are required to “check” personal items. The Alert Personal Property Security Bag is the ideal solution for organizing, securing and accounting for personal property collection. The tear-off receipt with the unique serial number on each Alert Personal Property Security Bag gives each individual a claim check for retrieving their property.

Do you have an application unique to your company? Let us help. As a manufacturer – where security bags are our only business – we have the capability to design and manufacture custom security bags printed with your logo or custom graphics.

Please browse our site and see for yourself the variety of Alert Tamper Evident Security Bag solutions that we offer. Need to contact us – just click the Support drop down menu in the site header.

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